Opfokbedrijf Engelen

Opfokbedrijf Engelen

From 1988 and onwards, the family business ‘Engelen’ has been active in the rearing of parent animals, both cocks and hens. The company mainly focuses on the rearing of healthy parent animals, so that they can be transported to the production facilities of the family company in a good condition. The parent animals are replaced to the breeding farms after 20 weeks.

Opfokbedrijf Engelen is located in Someren, where the family business also has its own production and hatching- collection location. Click here for more information about the export company.

Every day, the company works on improving the well-being of their parents, with an eye on the production of high quality fertilized eggs. By means of her own ent-scheme, in which the animals are vaccinated via a drinking water spray or intramuscular treatments, the company ensures that the parent animals and their offspring remain as healthy as possible.

Our strenghts:

  • Craftsmanship
  • Maximum health assurance of the                         animals
  • Flexibility
  • 24/7 mentality