‘Poultry farm Engelen’ is a family business run by Twan & Jeroen Engelen. The company has three different locations.

The company buys selected day-old chicks and sells hatching eggs. The day-old chicks are collected in a rearing company. This period lasts from 0 to 20 weeks. After 20 weeks the day-old chicks are collected in one of the two breeding farms. These day-old chicks stay at the farm until the age of 62 weeks.

The history

Pluimveebedrijf Engelen is proud of her heritage, as the company is now already run by its third generation. There has been a continuous passion for the care of the parent stock, as well as focus on the well-being of both animal and society. 


In 1962 Pluimveebedrijf Engelen was founded by Toon and Nel Engelen. At that moment, the company consisted only one stable with approximately 2.500 parent stock. This stable was shut down in 1971, and replaced by a new stable. In 1972 the son of Toon, Noud Engelen, took over the reproduction part of the company, and in 1976 the farm was expanded with two stables. Now, the company had room for about 10.000 parent stock. In 1989, a stable was rented on the location ‘Zandstraat’, which was used for the rearing of parent stock. The son of the owner, Twan Engelen, was in charge of this extra location. After two years, another rearing company was rented on the ‘Hollestraat’, which was later purchased by Pluimveebedrijf Engelen in 1993 and renovated in 1995. When the second son finished school in 1997, a third rearing company was purchased on the location ‘Ruiter’. A year later, the location ‘Zandstraat’ was officially purchased, and at the same time plans were drafted to expand this location in about 5 years.

1971 Engelen

2000 – Present days

From the beginning of 2001 until 2009, 3 stables were demolished and 7 stables were built at the location ‘Hoof’. During these years, Twan and Jeroen Engelen took over the rearing company from their parents. First of all, they expanded the location on ‘Zandstraat’ with 7 stables from 2007 till 2014. Secondly, they purchased the location ‘Dellerweg’ in 2009 to develop a new farming site, which was aimed to replace the locations on ‘Hollestraat’ and ‘Ruiter’. In 2010 Twan and Jeroen Engelen also took over the broiler breeder farm from Noud and Toos Engelen and two years later they opened the new location on the ‘Dellerweg’. In 2011, Pluimveebedrijf Engelen was nominated for ‘Agricultural Entrepreneur of the Year’. This was due to the company’s large focus on animal welfare and on taking care of their parent stock without using antibiotics, while at the same time having high technical results.

Other developments

From 2003 to present time, the company has rented extra breeding- and rearing farms in order to fulfil the increasing demand of hatching eggs and 20-weeks-old rearing parent stock. In 2017, the company was renting 7 extra locations in the South of Holland. Furthermore, for over 50 years, the company sold their hatching eggs and rearing parent stock to Dutch firms only; however, in 2012 they started to sell their eggs directly to firms in- and outside Holland. After three years, this resulted in the foundation of Angel Eggs BV; a hatching eggs trading company. For more information about Angel Eggs we refer to our website.